Discover how to finally storytell like a pro on wedding days!

for self-doubting wedding photographers that want to become expert level wedding storytellers!

What if you never had to wonder if your couples will love the photos you create for them!?

With Intuitive Storytelling, you will learn how to shoot wedding days in a way that will have your couples saying "We LOVE the photos and you were the BEST decision we made for our wedding!".

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You’re scared of missing key moments on wedding days
  • You feel pressured to create photos that are “Pinterest perfect” and Instagram worthy
  • You’re nervous about all the different lighting scenarios that are out of your control and not sure how to handle them
  • You’re confused on how to balance creating beautiful imagery while also capturing authentic moments and emotion
  • You’re worried about being in people’s way too often
  • You’re not quite sure how to get people to stop paying attention to you when shooting

What if there was a way for you to…

  • Never worry about missing any key moments on wedding days
  • Feel confident that your clients trust you and will LOVE their photos (even if they are not “Pinterest perfect”)
  • Confidently navigate changing lighting scenarios
  • Have clarity on when to give direction, and when to let things unfold naturally
  • Not worry about what guests think of you
  • Be an actual fly on the wall (aka people don’t stare into your camera all day)
  • Feel less pressure to perform “perfectly” on wedding days
  • Provide an unforgettable experience for your couples and their family + friends

That’s exactly why I created
Intuitive Storytelling!

Because I want to help you…

  • Become a confident + fearless wedding day storyteller
  • Create meaningful photos AND experiences for your couples and their loved ones on wedding days
  • Be in the right place at the right time so you never miss a moment!
  • Let the anxiety melt away and have fun doing what you love freely!
  • Trust your instincts effortlessly on a wedding day
  • Create stunning storytelling photos that your couples and their loved ones will feel emotionally connected to!

This is a course that will help you storytell like a pro by showing you how to:

  • Create strong storytelling photos
  • Unleash your intuitive powers so you can be at the right place at the right time
  • Attract the right clients and set expectations
  • Prepare for storytelling success
  • Document a wedding day (you get to virtually shadow me on a FULL wedding day, plus watch bonus footage from other weddings!)

Watch this video below
to see a lesson from the course!


So if you wanna stop being a self-doubting photographer...

and become an expert wedding day storyteller, here is how to do it!


Hey! I’m Sara Monika
(but you can just call me Sara).

I’m a wedding photographer for free-spirited + sentimental couples and the host of the Shine + Thrive Photography Podcast. I run a multiple 6-figure photography business and am obsessed with teaching photographers how to intentionally run their business on their own terms for more creative, time, and financial freedom.

12 years, 326 weddings and 1.4 million dollars in revenue later, I’m here to teach you everything I learned on my wedding photography journey so that you can start storytelling like a pro stat!

The year I transitioned from a more “Pinterest and blog worthy” shooting style to a more documentary approach, my business (and my client’s happiness) skyrocketed! Not only that, I felt liberated as an artist to create imagery that had the kind of impact I wanted to have in the world. 

I believe people crave authenticity, and one of the biggest gifts we can give our wedding couples is making sure that their collection of wedding photos is a raw, no bullshit representation of who they are, AND the relationships they share with family + friends.

I created this course to help you confidently create authentic storytelling photos that speak directly to the hearts of your clients and their favourite people, and so that YOU can start fearlessly showing up as the photographer you are meant to be.

What my students are saying...

Chapter 1

Intro + Philosophy

(4 lessons)

You will get a behind the curtain peek into my work when I first started my photography business 10 years ago and what helped me evolve over the years.You will also learn how to create strong storytelling photos, how to unleash your intuitive powers so you know how to be at the right place at the right time on wedding days, AND you’ll hear directly from 4 of my past wedding clients on what things they valued most with their experience with me so you can know how to uplevel your own client experience!


Chapter 2

How To Prepare for Storytelling Success

(6 lessons)

This Chapter is all about helping you set-up for consistent storytelling success. I’ll walk you through how I attract clients that value candid storytelling photos above all else, and how I set expectations with them to fully let go and trust me on a wedding day. Then from there, I’ll share with you all the questionnaires (3) I send to each of my couples with a detailed explanation of why each question is KEY for me to be 100% prepped to document the story of their day.



Chapter 3

Documenting the Wedding Day

(17 lessons)

Here is where you get to virtually shadow me on a full wedding day! It’ll be like you’re actually there with me! But before we even get to that part, in the first 3 lessons of this chapter, I will be teaching you how to shoot and setup back button focus (it’s a game changer), how I shoot on manual, and I walk you through what’s in my bag and how I pack the night before every wedding :)

Chapter 4

Post Wedding Day Workflow + Transitioning Your Shooting Style

(3 lessons)

Ever wonder what my post-wedding day workflow looks like (including editing) or how to make yours more efficient? I walk you through exactly that in this chapter AND I’ll teach you how you can transition your shooting style (if you need to) from a “Pinterest and blog worthy” shooting style, to a storytelling shooting style (even with current wedding clients!) Lastly, I share some of my editing tips that help me bring out the moments and emotion in photos even more!

Chapter 5

Reprogramming Your Fears Handbook

(1 lesson)

Let me help you get through what's stopping you!

You know those feelings of anxiety and fear you get before/during/after a wedding day? Those that stop you from showing up confidently? Well those feelings are created by your thoughts, and I’ve created a handbook for you to refer to whenever you want to feel confident and at peace instead of anxious and stressed! Over time, you will realize that your fearful thoughts are not your reality, and you will learn how to feel at peace, even under pressure on wedding days!

let's dive into your bonuses!

Behind the Scenes at Jordie + Zack's Wedding

Enjoy watching a bonus 20 minutes of footage from another wedding day with some extra tips in a different settings to expand your skillset + knowledge!

$297 value

Behind the Scenes at Lindsey + Matt's Wedding

Enjoy watching yet ANOTHER bonus 35 minutes of footage from a 3rd wedding day with some extra tips in a different settings to expand your skill set + knowledge!

$297 value


FAQs About Intuitive Storytelling 

Who is Intuitive Storytelling for?

Newbie Portrait + Wedding Photographers

I WISH I learned how to storytell on wedding days like this when I first started because I would have grown my photography business so much quicker all while creating more impactful photos for my clients sooner! With this training, you’ll be able to take your wedding photography to a whole new level and create more meaningful photos for your clients and their family + friends faster!


<< Yes this is me right when I first started my photography business back in 2011!

Experienced Portrait + Wedding Photographers

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been shooting for 3, 5, or 10 years. If you’ve been feeling called to take your client experience and storytelling ability to the next level, but you have no clue on where to start, then what I teach you in Intuitive Storytelling will help you start doing just that!


  1. Grab your Intuitive Storytelling course here.
  2. Check your inbox for your login info so you can get started today!
  3. Follow the 5 Chapters and complete the lessons.
  4. Start confidently storytelling on wedding days like a pro!

Whenever you need help reach out to [email protected]

You’re Protected With My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

This course has the power to profoundly change your photography business. That’s not hype - that’s based on results from past students who stayed in action.

Intuitive Storytelling is a comprehensive step-by-step implementation program for wedding photographers who are excited and COMMITTED about becoming stronger storytellers,

I’m confident that if you do the work, you’ll get tremendous value. I back that up with my risk-free guarantee. Here’s how it works:

Right when you enroll, you'll be granted full access to the entire program.

Meaning, you'll have had the opportunity to learn new ideas you’ve never heard of before and start putting what you learn into practice BEFORE making a final commitment.

If by the end of 14 days, you don't feel totally confident and motivated to start storytelling like a pro so that you can create meaningful experiences for your clients, simply reach out to Rachel at [email protected], show us you've put in the work, and we'll refund your investment.

Imagine where you could be just 1 month from now!

  • You’re ready to start taking action using a proven method that will help you go further faster
  • You’re ready to start confidently creating meaningful storytelling photos for your clients
  • You’re ready to start filling up your Insta and website with the strongest photos you’ve ever taken!
  • You’re ready to start getting emails from your clients saying “You were the best decision we made for our wedding!”
  • You’re ready to stop stalling and start doing!

AND imagine where you could be just 1 year from now!

  • You’re ready to start watching your inbox filling up with even more inquiries (hello referrals from this year’s clients!)
  • You’re ready to start off your wedding season on a whole new confidence level
  • You're ready to raise your rates significantly because the demand for you and your work has gone up by a lot!
  • You’re ready to be well prepared for your wedding season well in advance (which helps you enjoy more of the summer months!)

Grab your copy of Intuitive Storytelling right now!

Discover how to finally confidently storytell like a pro on wedding days!